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Welcome To Dreams Master Mind Academy

Dreamz Master Mind Academy is a dais for ESP Brain Training and Midbrain Activation Program, to improve your children Midbrain activation. Midbrain acts like communication bridge connection between left and right brain, once the Midbrain is activated, the hidden potential will be unleashed. Normally your children can see and doing their work, it's the identical to Midbrain is not in activation. By Midbrain activation your children can do their work using brainwave signals without seeing that means it increase the capability of solving analytical skills to unleash their hidden potential. The correct stage to attend the ESP Brain Training and Midbrain activation is 5 to 12 years. From 13 years onwards we can't assist to activate Midbrain because the left brain "logic" becomes more sophisticated complex thoughts and other brain functions have gradually lost. This is the perfect gift for your children.

The gift of increadible seventh sense to your child throughout the life.

Is It easy?
No, It's not easy.

But, Is It Possible?
Yes, It's definitely Possible.

How could it is possible?
By Mid brain Activation Program.

Mid brain Activation Programme is a two days workshop which provides a blindfold training to activate children hidden potential. In Midbrain activation the following four levels are available

  • Level - 1 ESP (Extra Sensory Perception Midbrain Activation Program)
  • Level – 2 ESP (Extra Sensory Perception Enhancement Program)
  • Level – 3 QSR (Quantum Speed Reading)
  • Level – 4 PGM (Photography Memory)
The ESP Training Program and Midbrain Activation Program has conducted to improve Midbrain activation in Shangai, Taiwan, Malaysia, Africa, Hong Kong and now in India, we are the first to conduct Midbrain activation program.

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Dreamz Master Mind Academy provides ESP Brain Training and Mid-Brain Activation skill. Our Training center is a specialist in mid brain activation program to help the children of aged 5 to 15  years old to activate the mid brain in two day long training . Once a child mid brain is activated ,they were able to to things blindfolded , that mean your child is able to unleash their full potential for a lifetime . If your child is academically inclined you will see your child improve in their studies . If your child is creative, they were be more creative . With the mid brain activated , your child may have outstanding learning condition which genius has . This improves their concentration , memory and creativity.

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  • We are very happy to see our son's improvement in memory power & academic excellence .

    Mrs.Lalitha Murali

  • we feel the changes and improvement in the behavior of my both sons in Dance & understanding the things


  • We heard through other parents whose children participated in the Master Mind training ,I'm really interested to join my daughter in this program .


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