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About Us

Dreamz Master Mind Academy provides ESP Brain Training and Mid-Brain Activation skill.

  • Two days  workshop ,Let Kids powerful whole brain ability
  • A proven technique of optimizing the function of the middle,Left and Right Brain

Our Training centre is a specialist in mid brain activation programme to help the children of aged 5 to 15  years old to activate the mid brain in two day long training . Once a child mid brain is activated ,they were able to do things blindfolded , that mean your child is able to unleash their full potential for a lifetime . If your child is academically inclined you will see your child improve in their studies . If your child is creative, they would be more creative . With the mid brain activated , your child may have outstanding learning condition which genius has . This improves their concentration , memory and creativity.

Benefits of ESP Brain Training and Midbrain Activation skill:

  1. Memory Enhancement
  2. Concentration Enhancement
  3. Confidence Boosting
  4. Creativity Enhancement
  5. Emotion Management
  6. Enter the Genius Mind learning state

In Dreams Master Mind Academy our trainers has completed their Midbrain activation training programme and awarded by Mind Power Training Centre in Malaysia.


Certificate of Completion1







Certificate of Completion2







Certificate of Completion3






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